Pawswap ($PAW): DEX Swap

PawSwap, the Shibarium-powered DEX is to be launched soon. The cryptocurrency market is flooded with countless dog-themed assets.
An Open Letter to the Community
We are here for each other. We are here to collaborate with one another. We are here to build relationships together. The DEX release is just icing on the cake for us as we are only as strong as you are. We are here to bring others in on this mission and assimilate them into what we stand for.
We love watching the PAW family grow, but we must continue to educate others on the knowledge of decentralization and how to uproot the traditional system. We want to shift the power into our hands, and we can only do that together. Whether you are in the PAW community or not, you do not have to invest in us to be family. Its time to break the chains put on us by the banking systems. To do this we must all join forces, not just within the PAW community but with any who will welcome us.
Look into your soul. What does it tell you? Are you strong enough to be with us for years to come?
What do we want in life? Is it a quick fleeting feeling of success? Or is it a long-standing display of overcoming adversity and standing strong with your neighbours?
To finally stand at the top of the mountain together after all the work is done, all the adversity faced, only to find out that there is another mountain to climb. Will you give up? It should not be discouraging, this mountain; this is our purpose. Giants will fall, and we are the Giant slayers.
As we grow, there will be an increasing number of scammers, impostors etc. that try to trick the community into believing something that is not real. Please only refer to the links on the website PAW SWAP (pawecosystem.com) for our official forms of communication:
Community Discord
Community Telegram
Only there will we ever communicate directly on any official announcements.
We have seen community burns totaling over 7 billion Paw.
Also, if you would like to participate in burning any $PAW you can spare, please do so here: 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dEaD
We will likely design a tracker to follow and display both quantity and USD value of the community burns. Watching the burnt PAW supply grow is exciting as it increases our likelihood of future success and stability and increases community engagement.
The $PAW community is now in an exponential trajectory of growth. Like an avalanche, once started it cannot be stopped. We are powered by those that came before us and the future path we are laying will power those that come after us. This may remind you of something similar from the not-so-distant past. Only this time with more volume in the markets, better future sentiment and outlook and more believers in the cause for decentralization.
It has been done before and it will happen again. History does repeat itself. Only this time we have learned from our mistakes, improved on them and are wildly ahead of the curve.
Launch Codes
In our last discussion, we talked about how Pawswap will innovate on top of Shibarium: Forging Ahead
Please, if you have not already, read through this to understand the path we are paving for ourselves:
Pawswap will add an extra layer to utilize this scalability and security and improve upon these components. Scalability is one of the biggest puzzles to solve for mass adoption of companies like Twitter and Apple into Web 3 Blockchain technology. To improve the efficiency and sustainability of long-term growth, scalability and security are a number one priority…
…The integration of major companies into Web 3 and crypto based technology is a treasure trove of massive untapped potential in bridging traditional finance with Shibarium and Pawswap. Shibarium will have some of the fastest transactions and lowest cost of entry, lowering the barrier for entry much lower than other chains like Ethereum. So, this will be attractive not only to the public but for gaming, social media, supply chain, real estate, etc. Pawswap will also capitalize on the opportunity to merge with ‘the real world’ and onboard the volume major fortune 500 and triple A companies will bring to the table with Shibarium and the continued evolution of the crypto space.
Let’s just say… launch is imminent. The major pieces are in place, alpha testing is complete. One or two more minor adjustments and skies are clear for launch.
As we approach our launch runway please understand that this is only step 1 of an infinite number of steps to follow. We have an expectation of perfection. If something is not perceived as perfect, it will not be officially executed until it reaches our expectations. However, we must rely on the community to help us dial in to perfection.
Listings, partnerships, events, community growth, development, there is so much more to do.
Success will come. In the meantime, follow each other, lift each other up and lets take step number one on our journey to the heavens.
Life is the fire that burns and the sun that gives light.
Life is the wind and the rain and the thunder in the sky.
Life is matter and is earth, what is and what is not, and what beyond is in Eternity.
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